The History of Providence Homestead

In 2009 we were looking for a farm property east of Bancroft. One of the requirements was a property that would have some fields to pasture our animals and have space to build a shop. One evening, while we still lived at Forester Falls, friends from Bancroft came to visit us. They informed us they drove by a farm for sale near Hardwood Lake. We called the owner, Verner Behnke, for more details. We were told, “156 acres, 30 acres clear land, 2 barns, a pond by the house and a lake further back.” We were quite excited! Shortly after on a cold blustery winter day we came to check out this property. After a few more visits we decided the property is what we’re looking for. On June 20 2009 we rolled in with our family and possessions to start a new life on the farm.

Old Timber Frame Bank Barn 2009
Finally our dream of owning a farm with the old log barn was becoming reality

The barns needed some work done to keep them from falling down and needed considerable clean up renovations inside in order to house animals. We had to tear the front lean away because it was poor condition.

Front view of the house, 2009
View from the driveway
Posing with the three children by the lake. The black flies were bad.
Planting Garden the first Spring

Why did we choose the name Providence Homestead? First when we moved to the farm we unofficially called it Sunny Hill Farm.  If we came home from somewhere at twilight we were often surprised at how much lighter it was in the evening at our farm on the hill than in the valley or in the surrounding forest. We finally choose Providence Homestead because it describes so well why we’re here and what our goals are as a family. Providence describes God’s divine care and provision for our lives. Homestead describes how we are trying to work together as a family producing some of our own food and involving our children in jobs around the farm. We teach our children at home and we prefer a life integrated type of education.

Husking Corn 2018

And here we are today realizing what a gift our farm has been, and that brings us to our next chapter. Follow us to see the journey God is taking us on.


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  1. So Cool My Name Is Jamie Behnke My Father Rick Behnke I Still Have A Teddy Bear That I Think Originated From The Behnke Family Reunion That Took Place At The Farm Years Ago.

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