To the Ocean and Back

We just got back from a 10 day family trip to the east coast. This week we are preparing to move to the city as we finally got word from the hospital that they are ready to put Amanda on the heart transplant list as soon as we get moved. We have been making preparations for a few months but there is still lots of last minute packing to do.

With it’s red dirt and blue water, Prince Edward Island was the big destination for our trip however we ended up spending just as much time in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Andrea made a great Anne of Green Gables
Tamara helping to chart our explorations

We all had a great time on our trip, it was not only a vacation from our regular work but It was also a nice distraction from the whole moving to the city issue. It was extra special for our whole family to be able to go on an RV trip together yet. It could be a long time before we’ll be able to go an such a long trip again. We didn’t do anything dramatic but each day was special.

We left home Thursday afternoon on May 23 and spent the day Friday exploring old Quebec city.
Amanda and little sister Tamara in beautiful Quebec City.
On Saturday we stopped for a few hours in Hartland NB visiting a potato chip factory and checking out the worlds longest covered bridge

We had a great time visiting my cousin Marvin Weber and his family the first weekend. They moved to the Truro NS area from Ontario a few years ago. We attended their church on Sunday morning and together visited Peggy’s Cove and the Halifax Citadel in the afternoon. One of their girls has a guitar as well and the girls had lots of fun singing and playing the guitars together.

The girls and their second cousins at Peggy’s Cove
We saw high and low tide in the Bay of Fundy
Our children exploring the sea bed at low tide.

. We were trying to inspire interest in Canadian history and geography on this trip. One of our interests is Acadian history so we visited the Grand Pre national historic site in NS which is the site where many of the Acadians were loaded on ships by the British and deported in 1755. We saw lots of diked tidal flats along the Fundy shore built by the Acadian settlers which are still being maintained and farmed.

Shaphan on the beautiful red rocks on the PEI north shore.

Our most relaxing day was spent at a campground on the north east side of PEI. If we have any regrets about the trip is that we didn’t spend another day just resting and soaking in the beauty.
In the evening the girls played their guitars with the sound of the ocean surf in the background. A Christian couple from Arizona was staying at the campground as well and joined us for some fellowship and singing around the fire.
One thing I really like about PEI is the mix of farms, fishing villages and nice small towns. It is a very rural but productive province.
We arrived on the island by ferry and left on the extraordinary 12km long Confederation Bridge.
Brandon helping Shaphan with LEGO and the girls doing a school project.
Back in New Brunswick, we went to another campground on the shore at Tracide-Sheila. We stayed here on a quick camping and equipment delivery trip in 2013. That was back in the day when the RV was still a distance dream. I praise the Lord how he brings some of our desires to reality in his time.
We visited Miscouche Island lighthouse in NB. I think this was the fourth lighthouse we checked out on our tour.
Caraquet harbour

We visited the Caraquet harbour but as usual didn’t stay where the tourists are supposed to be but went right down on the docks to where the fishermen were loading and unloading their boats. A friendly crew of Mi’kmaq natives gave us a tour of their crab fishing boat. Visiting Caraqet was part of our Acadian education experience as that part of New Brunswick is mostly Acadian. I was really impressed how industrious the Acadians are. The villiages and the local economy look more bustling on the Acadian shore than many other Canadian small towns.

A lighthouse painted like the Acadian flag. Lots of red, white and blue on the East coast.
We stopped at one last beach on Chaleur Bay to take pictures before we left the coast.
Chaleur Bay, Dalhousie NB
Walmart is an important part of an RV vacation for the Horst family. Our ship hasn’t come in yet so we can’t afford to pay for campgrounds every night if you can park at Walmart for free. We stayed at Walmart five nights, my cousin’s two nights and campgrounds three nights.
We visited Montmorency Falls near Quebec City on our way home.
It was raining but we enjoyed it anyway.
On our way back, on the far side of Ottawa, the cell phone had an emergency warning saying there is a tornado warning in the area. Sure enough the clouds looked threatening and soon it started to rain and hail. We took shelter under an overpass and waited for the sky to clear a bit. We found out after that there was a touchdown nearby at that time!

We tried not to think about moving while we were gone. The uncertainty of having such a major life changing event before us yet needing to wait until the heart transplant team finishes the assessment was difficult. We are thankful that we finally got a call from the hospital the morning after we came home confirming everything is good to go, however this plunges us directly into an immense packing and sorting project getting ready to be moved to the city in less than two weeks.

Reality is setting in and leaving the farm and our church family is not easy but by God’s grace we will continue to be positive and have faith in his protecting hand.

For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, fear not; I will help thee. Isaiah 41:13



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6 thoughts on “To the Ocean and Back”

  1. I am so thrilled you got to see our wonderful, beautiful province of Nova Scotia. We are strangers, but I will be praying for God’s peace as you move into Toronto. As a farm girl, who moved into a city (many years ago), I understand a little bit what that’s like… but not at all as a big family, nor in these circumstances!! Your positive attitude is encouraging and inspiring – and God glorifying… thanks!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your adventures and life lessons with us. You are an encouragement to me and many others. Your family is in my prayers. Please continue to update us…

  3. I so appreciate following along with you on your journey, prayers do make the burden lighter I think. I am all the way across canada on Vanc. Island.

  4. Dennis Crossley

    Dear Horst Family,

    We had the pleasure to meet you all at Campbells Campground May 28th! Thank you so much for inviting us to your campfire & to listen to the girls play their instruments & sing. We got home on June 25th. I looked up your web page & learned of Amanda’s passing. We are so very sorry to hear about this but know God will provide your family with comfort & peace! We will continue to pray for you all God Bless—————–Dennis & Peggy Crossley

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