Welcome Home Animals

We’ve reached another milestone in our journey, this week we brought our animals back to the farm. If you’ve been following our blog you know that we temporarily moved away from the farm this spring and we moved our animals to other farms. Our daughter Amanda needed a heart transplant and we had to be close to the hospital in Toronto while she waited. Sadly she passed away shortly after we moved to the city.

It’s three months now since we moved back to the farm but we weren’t in a position to have a lot of animal chores right away. We did some work on the barn before the homecoming so it will be less work to care for the animals. I love to take the little ones out in the evening to do the barn chores now that the evenings are dark and cold. It’s such a pleasant environment.

Our twin Jersey calves, Betty and Omer grew a lot on pasture this summer.
Bella is back in her stall however she is not milking at the present. That will change when the calf arrives next spring.
The cats are glad to watch the animals again from their perch on the wall
Triton our new registered Boer buck. He is a beautiful dappled red color and we hope to sell his offspring for breeding stock. He is a handsome and gentle creature.
Some of the Boer goats came back with baby kids at their sides.
The new Shed

Another new and exciting project on the farm this fall is a new storage shed. Our flimsy old tarp shed we used for firewood was way to small and the original tarp disintegrated a number of winters ago. Finally we’ll have a wood shed large enough for a winters supply of firewood with lots of room to spare. It started out as a wood shed but I decided we need room to park the tractor as well as a few finished bale choppers. (which we build in the shop) Patricia thought we need room for the tiller, lawn mower and new Kubota utility vehicle. (it’s actually quite old) Needless to say the shed plans got bigger and bigger but it will be put to good use.

Brandon and I working on the shed.
Many thanks to a number of men from church who helped us install the roof trusses last Saturday!
What Else is New?

We are working at writing a book! It is a colossal task and it will take a few years but, Lord willing, we won’t give up until it’s done. As sad and difficult as it’s been, we want to write about our experiences of the past year and the beautiful testimony of our sweet Amanda for the benefit of our children and, Lord willing, grandchildren. If we are writing anyway we decided to try and do a nice job and print books for sale as well.

Patricia and I on a wedding anniversary outing to Parry Sound. Believe it or not, we’re married 18 years! While we were on a boat cruise we sailed past Amanda Island. We happened to meet another Mennonite couple who, a few years ago, lost a teenage grand-daughter from a similar heart condition that Amanda had.
It’s the season for school work. The dining room wall decorated with school projects.
The dining room table sporting a world map so we can learn geography during mealtime.
Fall Scenes on the Farm
The sun setting over the pond next to our house.
The view from my favorite spot on the farm. The tall uncut grass serves as a reminder of all that has happened this year. There were no animals on pasture and some of the hay never got cut.
I never get tired of the old rail fences.
Can you tell that we love the old barns?
In Closing

We are keeping ourselves busy and life keeps going on. Our home is filled with pictures and memories of Amanda, a sad reminder of her absence but also warming our hearts with the precious memories of our dear daughter and sister.

A special collection of Amanda’s things on an antique bureau Patricia inherited from her grandmother who recently passed away.
Amanda- Dearly Loved, Sorely Missed.

We look forward to sharing with you a very special and interesting guest post before the end of the year…….


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3 thoughts on “Welcome Home Animals”

  1. So nice to have this update regarding, of how you are all healing in your own individual and unique ways. I remember your Amanda, each and everyday in many ways. Many blessings to all.

    1. Connie Weichenthal

      Dear Patricia and family. Your pictures are beautiful and I to love old barns and farms in general. I have been busy with everything getting ready for a long winter. Unfortunately the only thing in my barn is chicken s. I now get my own eggs. I love animals in a barn I go out and talk to my chickens all the time. I will surprise u with a visit some time. I m also driving a school bus. So that was kinda challenging after many years of not doing it. Anyway yous have such a beautiful place. “It’s a piece of heaven “. Take care. Hope to see you again soon

  2. Dear Brothers: I am glad to know that in spite of the pain, you are moving forward with your new projects. God give you wisdom to raise the children and strength for the never ending work on the farm. Life continues and we should dedicate it to the Lord, to the family and to the Christian community. The brothers of faith, I know that many helped you. It’s beautiful to find that Christian friendship, that help is provided when something is to big to handle personally. We don’t have that help from so precious brothers of the church. Here in Buenos Aires, Argentina our summer season begins in December but we’re having high temperatures. God knows I don’t like the heat but he is the creator of nature. To him be all the glory. Blessing from the distance. God bless you. Anita

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