Introducing Micah James Horst

We’re excited to introduce the newest member of our family, Micah James. He arrived on August 17 weighing 7lb, 9oz. It’s with delight that we accept this gift from God. It was such a joy to bring him home and see the excitement of his siblings although we are sad that Amanda never got to meet him. She would have been so excited!

The children seeing their little brother for the first time.
Little brother Micah James
Tamara is very gentle with her little brother.
Brandon enjoying his youngest brother with a picture of Amanda in the background.
Patricia brought him to the shop and I’m introducing him to the welding machines
He got introduced to John Deere tractors as well.
Resting among the flowers.

Remembering Amanda’s Birthday

On July 31 Amanda would have turned 16. That evening some of Amanda’s closest friends and their moms came for a garden tea party. It was a special evening sharing memories and talking about how it might be in heaven. We created this garden in Amanda’s memory and many of the flowers were given by friends and relatives.

The ladies admiring the flowers. photo credit: Esther Snyder
Patricia’s sister Esther and Vanessa went to great lengths to make things pretty. Photo credit: Esther Snyder
Amanda’s friend Heather placing the sixteenth solar light in the garden.
The lights begin to glow. Photo credit: Sarah Martin

Photos from around the Farm

The old gate has seen better days.
Hay wagon rides are one of the highlights of the summer.
A basket of fresh produce the girls picked for their music teacher in trade for another lesson. We were blessed with lots of heat and enough rain this summer and the garden yielded abundantly.


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4 thoughts on “Introducing Micah James Horst”

  1. Congratulations on little Micah James! What a bundle of blessing and hope.
    God bless you all. Your story continues to shine for Him.

  2. Congratulations and I can’t wait to meet him!!! The kids must be so happy to have him. Your family is truly blessed and you have been a blessing to me as well! Love you guys!

  3. Dear Patricia Galen & all the Horst children including Micah,
    Congradulations to you all God is so good! I had also prayed that you would be given another child, such a lovely blessing! God continue to bless & keep you all. Next time we make it to the Maritime Provinces we will all have to plan a campout at Campells Cove! In his love & service, Dennis & Peggy Crossley Az USA

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