Chance and Change: Book Release

We are excited to announce that our book is finally ready! If you’ve been following our blog for a while you will have an idea what the story is about but I promise you’ll still want to read the book. I had some very talented folks help with the project and we’ve presented it from a different viewpoint as I did writing about the events as they unfolded.

Some Day I’ll Know

For the last two years, while I was writing, my daughter Vanessa was practicing to get ready to record a music album in memory of Amanda. Many of the songs are ones she and Amanda used to play together. The order of CDs just came last week and we’re ready to introduce it at the same time as the book.

Book Launch Events

Friday November 12, 2:00-7:00 pm, Living Waters Book Store, 122 Church ST W, Elmira Ontario. Drop in any time in those hours to meet us and ask to have your book autographed.

Saturday November 13, 2:00 pm, Wideman Mennonite Church, 10530 Hwy 48 Markham Ontario. I’ll do a presentation and there will be music by Vanessa after which there will be an opportunity to have books autographed.

Saturday November 20, 2:00-6:30, Patricia’s parents house, 1070 Beachburg Rd, Beachburg Ontario. Drop in anytime in those hours to meet us and ask to have your book autographed.

The book is available to purchase on and hopefully soon on Amazon in the US. 

The Future of this Blog

The last year I was so busy working on the book project on top family, work and farm responsibilities that I didn’t have time or energy for blogging. Moving forward I hope to give updates on what’s happening on our family farm at least every few months so please stay subscribed if you enjoy that kind of content.

Patricia and Vanessa had self serve flowers for sale at the road this summer.
Baling hay is always a highlight of the summer.
Shaphan helping me build a fence
The children are building covered wagons and pretending to go west on the Oregon Trail.
Micah turned 1 in August and and now he's walking all over the place. Is he ever a busy little fellow!


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6 thoughts on “Chance and Change: Book Release”

  1. We were at the book release last night at Hillview Mennonite Church – it was with some trepidation that I had awaited the release of this book, for several reasons. First, we have seen so many self-published books written about traumatic experiences that made us cringe. Too often, while the story itself is sad, the telling isn’t very well done. Galen knew this and surrounded himself with people who helped him pull it all together. This story is very well done – and I thank Missy Burkholder for her part in this project.

    Second, Galen and Patricia experienced some traumatic experiences with church politics that contributed to them making the change in church fellowship. I was worried about the telling of this part of the story, but I think it was handled skillfully and discreetly. I just scanned the book after arriving home, but remain confident in the presentation. Galen had assured me several times over not to worry, but I am his Dad and it could almost have sounded like bragging.

    We are feeling a little down this morning after having revisited these memories, but it is all good. We thank everyone who helped Galen bring this book to reality and trust it can serve it’s purpose in reminding us all that life is short, and that dying is and always has been a part of living.

  2. Dad,
    It was an honor to have you come out to the book release at our church and thanks for the compliments. The book might be self-published but the folks who helped with it have worked on books for commercial publishers.

  3. I am really eager to read this book; I have followed your blog for several years and cannot wait to read the book! But I’m in the US. Is there a way to order it now or must I just be patient and wait on Amazon to carry it in the US? Thank you!

  4. What a joy to know about you brothers. God wants your book to be a blessing for other people who have been, or are going through sad and traumatic situations. May the Lord bless you richly and with strength in this new stage of your lives.

  5. Charlotte Snyder

    Reading the book and listening to the cd produced many healing tears, they both brought back so many memories, and the ache of loss. As I read the book it felt like I could hear Amanda’s voice again and seemed like she might step into the room any minute. She will always be missed. As I wasn’t there on the night of her death, reading the book brought together what really happened that night. So Galen, thankyou for sharing my niece’s story.

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